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A walk taking in views of Dundrennan Abbey

Views of an Abbey


Difficulty rating: Moderate.

Distance: About 2 miles

Time: Approx. 1 hour

Map: OS Explorer 312 – NX 748477

·         This is a pleasant walk that takes in 2 elevated views of Dundrennan Abbey and, if the weather is clear, a glimpse of The Isle of Man.

·         Dundrennan Abbey was founded by the Cistercian Order in 1142. Whilst not one of the larger ruined sites, the north and south transepts are of particular interest, being the best preserved late-12th-century Cistercian architecture in Scotland.

·         The Abbey is perhaps most famous for the fact that Mary, Queen of Scots spent her last night on Scottish soil at Dundrennan Abbey. She stayed here on the night of 15th May 1568, and then left the following day to cross the Solway Firth to England.


The Start point of the walk is from in front of the former Parish Church in the centre of Dundrennan where there is a small amount of parking available.


The Walk.

Walking along the main road in the general direction of the Abbey (to your left) you will reach a track between 2 houses in approx. 100 yards where there is a blue and white sign set back a few yards indicating a Public Right of Way. Follow this track uphill past the houses and enter a field. Keeping the wall to your right you continue uphill to exit the field via steps in the corner which gives access to the track leading to Dundrennan House. Here you can enjoy the first elevated view of the Abbey before heading downhill on the track, passing in front of a house set at the side of the former main road and then back onto the present main road.

You now turn right and walk uphill at the side of the road for approx. 250 yards at which point you turn left into the road signed to “Port Mary”. Walk downhill for just over a ¼ mile until coming to a house with a track to the side that runs down to and across “Abbey Burn”. The track passes in front of the former “Fagra Mill”, takes a sharp left and then gradually ascends for just short of ½ mile until reaching a metalled road.

Here you will find that a seat has thoughtfully been provided where you can rest and take in a further elevated view of the Abbey. From this point it is also possible on a clear day to see The Isle of Man. It is then simply a case of following the road downhill whilst continuing to enjoy a view of the Abbey until reaching the main road where a turn left will bring you back to the starting point of the walk.