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This is a short stroll using minor roads and is a very pleasant way to spend a half hour or so. No special footwear is required.

This is a short stroll using minor roads and is a very pleasant way to spend a half hour or so, perhaps after your evening meal.

From the Square you go downhill on the Dalbeattie Road - just after crossing the bridge over the Auchencairn Burn turn left into Crockett Road. Note the name of the house on your right which is called Bunker Hill. Tradition has it that the brother of Captain McGirr, a well known local smuggler, more commonly known as Johnnie Girr, financed the completion of the house. His brother who had gone to America was said to have fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Continue up the road known locally as the "Guttery" (The Concise Scots Dictionary defines Cuttery as mud, mire, or muddy puddles, but don't let this put you off, until you come to a lane going to the left and crossing by bridge (22) the Hass Burn.

It is here that the mill was situated - over the years it was used for cotton manufacture, for washing and crushing barytes ore from the Barlocco Mine, and as a bobbin and sawmill. It was also used as a meeting place for the Free Church Congregation while their new church was being built in the village. It was demolished early this century - the stones being used in the building of Duncraig on Shore Road.

Your stroll continues past the cemetery where you turn left at the T junction. Enjoy the lovely views over Auchencairn Bay, Hestan Island, and in the distance the hills of the Lake District. The roadside verges usually have some interesting plants, from Snowdrops in early Spring, to a good crop of Brambles in the Autumn.

Walk on downhill to the school (23) where you make a further left turn bringing you back to the village square.The cast iron fountain in The Square was erected to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria (1897). This was originally a lamp post prior to the fountain being erected, so a lamp was incorporated in the design.