Auchencairn Kirk

Church history from 1855 until today.
What changes have there been?
Photographs of the interior, including the lovely stained glass main window.

St. Oswald's Church in Auchencairn was built in 1855 on a site overlooking the bay, to meet the needs of a growing village. It is constructed mainly of local granite in a Neo Gothic style, and is B listed. It's building was due mainly to the generousity of David Welsh of Collin and Miss Mary Culton of Achnabony, Dundrennan and Nutwood, Auchencairn (now Auchencairn House). Other contributers were the Earl of Selkirk, Mrs Maxwell of Orchardton and Arthur Welsh of Edinburgh. The land on which it sits was also provided by Miss Mary Culton. it then being part of The Ha' Farm (The Hall Farm).

A feu of one shilling per annum was to be paid for the church land which was recorded as 'enclosed by a stone wall in front, surmounted by an iron railing'.  The feu duty was to be doubled every 25 years.

The Kirk at Sunrise

On Sunday 12th August 1855 the church was opened by the Revd. Clark of St. Mary's, Edinburgh.  The Dumfries Herald reported that 'the church was overflowing and some did not gain admission'.

The church features a wonderful stained glass window that was donated by Mrs Mackie in memory of her husband George who died on 9th March 1899.


1 - I.H.S. (Iesus Huiar Savier
2 - Red Ring -Jesus' words -"I am the light of the world".
3 - Petals with dove design.
4 - Upright triangle one - Christmas Star.
5 - Upright triangle two - Lamp of eternal presence shining forever.
6 - Small inverted triangles.
7 - More words of jesus - "I am way,truth,life".
8 - Central squares -Alpha and Omega.

Main Panels:
A - Father, Mother and Child.
B - Risen Lord approaching the viewer.
C - Teacher of Law. Note downcast eyes - Warrier at rest.

In February 1936 the lighting system for the church was donated by John Hamilton McKie of Auchencairn and Member of Parliament for Galloway.

The electronic bells were gifted in April 1964 by Andrew Paton.

In 1965 Tom Corry, a joiner, extended the Chancel floor and boxed in the surrounding pipes to form seating around the wall.

A former Minister of Auchencairn was the Revd. Colin Williamson. His father was also a Minister and when his church in Dumbarton was closed he gifted the communion table, three large chairs and the lecturn to Auchencairn.

A set of chairs with red covered seats were made and gifted to the church by Rowat Marshall of Auchenleck Farm.

He also made the the wooden trays for collecting the individual communion glasses and a tray to measure out the bread sections.


The large painting on the gable end was gifted by local artist David McNae Boyne. It depicts 'the draft of fishes' and is in memory of his grandmother Nurse Marian McNae who served the village well for many years.The church organ originally a gift from Walter Ovens of Torr was replaced in 1965 and built by H.G. Jones and Son, Kippford.

In 1976 some of the wood was recycled by local joiner Davie Gordon who turned it into a prayer desk

The combined congregation between Auchencairn and Dundrennan villages presently numbers a modest 156.

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