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The club was formed as Rerrick Curling Club in 1838. This was for the Parishes of Dundrennan and Auchencairn. In 1880 Auchencairn went it alone and still exists.

What is Curling or "The Roarin Game" as it is also known?

A game played on ice very similar to Green Bowling but using a Granite stone. The stone is slid along the ice the aim being to be as close as possible to the centre of the concentric rings. The team members can help by "Sweeping" the ice to make the stone slide further. - It is not often folks can be seen to be so enthusiastic about sweeping!

In this area the Club play at either Dumfries or Lockerbie as now there is seldom enough frost to freeze the local lochs.

The "Club" Ice is for Auchencairn Club only and anyone who would like to "have a go" is made very welcome. The main emphasis in this Club is FUN. There are roughly eight times a season, which runs from Sep - March,when there is "Club Ice". There are also a number of friendly Competitions with neighbouring Clubs. It is a good winter sport and there is a strong fellowship amongst Curlers from all over the world.

Interested? Contact the Secretary Fiona McCrae on 01556 640216

A copy of the following Auchencairn Curling Club Menu from 1908 has been donated to the History Society Archive and may interest you. The members were certainly well looked after.

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Please mention this community website when making enquiries.