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The draft copy of the Community Council Meeting held on 1st April 2014 can be viewed here:



Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 1st April, 2014 in the Murray Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Present:                 John Simpson (Chairman) (JS), Pamela CaJdow (PC)h Brian Jones (BJ),

Phoebe Marshall (PM>, Charles McAteer (CMcA)h Hilary Neil (Secretary) (HN)

Visitors;                Cllr Jane Maitland, Dr Alex Berne. Stuart Ditchbum Auchencaim Initiative

Apologies:         April Parker (AP), Cllr Colin Wyper, Cllr Patsy Gilroy

Police Matters: No update.

D & G Council Matters:

Cllr Maitland advised that John Hutchinson had contacted her regarding financing of the Beechgrove Project,

Cllr Maitland advised that we should apply, as soon as possible, under the £1,000 scheme. Cllr Maitland

understood that ACC had been invited to meet with the Area Committee but ACC has not received this

invitation. Cllr Maitland will investigate. A letter from Cllr Gilroy advised that the Heugan Footpath was Core

Path No.12. Cllr Gilroy also supplied the 'grass cutting map'. Cllr Maitland suggested JS wrote to D&G Council

about the sections of grass that are not being maintained.

Cllr Maitland said there was no specific requirement from D&G Council for the Resilience Plan She explained

how a number of Councils were dealing with their Residence Plan and thought that if there was a serious

problem the DSG Authorities would swing in with assistance

BJ asked if there had been any progress in dealing with the growing number of burglaries in the region but

Cllr Maitland did not know.

JS advised that there had been a request from the resident at the end of Shore Road for a 'dead end' sign to

be put up in the car park.

Cllr Maitland left the meeting at 8 p m.

Previous Minutes:

The Police Community Officer visited ihe village on the 5th March, 2104 about the speeding signs and they will

have another session with the speed camera.

JS has sent a reply lo Corsock Council re the moratorium on wind farms.

There have been no objections to the grant of £500 to the Bowling Club.

CMcT advised that an Open Meeting will beheld at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, 6th May about the new waste

management system to be installed in the village, Steven Herriot, Head of Infrastructure and Commissioning

for DSG Council will attend. HN to do poster,

Minutes of the previous meeting held on the 4th February 2014, were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Brian Jones and Seconded by Phoebe Marshall.


Heughan Fund:                £12,162.45

General Fund               £19,865.26

Car Care Scheme;                £632,86

PC to buy the 'Jackie & Elizabeth Martin Trophy' for the Flower a Vegetable Show. The Flower Show may use the hall free of charge and ACC will handle The finances for the show.

Planning Applications:




AUCHENCAIRN COMMUNITY COUNCIL                                                                                          Page 2.


Minutes of the meeting held on the 1st April, 2014


An invitation has been received from Barclays Bank to the shareholder's meeting.

A letter was received from John Womersley regarding the 'all’ single rooms in the new Dumfries Infirmary.

Village Matters:

The Bowling Club will hold an open day in the summer for the village. The event will be for teams of four, pairs

and singles. Jade Norcross to be asked to supply sandwiches,

JS to write to the Dog Warden regarding the continued dog fouling in Church Street.

Artisan Project:

Dr Alex Berrie put forward a project for 'Auchencaim Artisans'. There are many artists within the Auchencaim boundaries and the project could be of benefit to both the artists and the village HNtodoa poster asking interested artists to email DrAlex Berrie. Keith Kerrison to be asked to put information on the website

CSE Project:

The team continue to work on the survey. No project meeting was held this month but visits were made to the

Green Cat Renewables at Biggar, the Fish Farm at Moffat and the 150KW scheme at Creetown. The review of

the pre-feasibility study continues as well as preparations for discussions with SEPA.

Guy Pounder is dealing with Scottish Water over the problems in the Link park.

JS asked if the Initiative had been invited to speak to the Area Committee but Stuart was not aware of an


PM asked if this was not a good time to investigate the replacement or burying of the 11 kW pylons on the Link

park. PM will investigate the feasibility of funding and the submission of an application for removal.


The Easter egg hunt has been arranged.

Plans for the Flower & Vegetable Show on the 30th August 2014 are well advanced.

Choir Concert at 7 30 p.m. on Tuesday, 22nd April, in the Murray Halt.

Beech grove Garden Project:

PM advised that the Designer will be visiting the project in April but the date for the Beechgrove team visit is not

finalised. Will & Clive Marshall will undertake the survey of the Park. JS thought ACC could put up

approximately £7.000 which PM should try to match with funding from Coastaf Funding, Stewartry Area

Committee, etc. The Designer should be asked for various costings on the bandstand, pond, etc

An invitation to join a working party to help clean up the Park has been put in the Post Office for Saturday,

12th April as well as an invitation to visit the Crockett Corner Memorial Garden at 11 a.m. on Wednesday,

16th April.

Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held at 6 p rn on Tuesday, 6th May, 2014

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9 15 p.m.