DRAFT- Community Council minutes for 7th February 2012 PDF Print E-mail






    Guy Pounder (Chairman)

    Brian Jones (Treasurer)

    John Simpson

    Fiona Anderson (Secretary)


    Fifty- three (53) members of the public plus Councillor Tommy Jacques who entered the   

    Meeting after 8.00pm.


   Councillor Patsy Gilroy, Councillor Jane Maitland and Police Representative.



    No Representative present.


    Accepted as a true record.  Proposed by Brian Jones

                                               Seconded by John Simpson 

6.  MATTERS ARISING from previous minutes

    7.3  Crocket Road – Scottish Water – A Water Purity Test was to be carried out when there was a  

    “burst”.  Scottish Water to clarify if this test was carried out – Cllr Pounder attending to this   

    matter - ongoing.

 12.5  Village Drains - This has been reported to Scottish Water.  PMN - SW report Main st drainage problem may be a combined DGC/landowner problem.

12.11  Tribute to Mr D Gordon.  This will be arranged after completion of Village Hall refurbishment.


    Amounts held in accounts are as follows:

    General account    £ 13,856 (Robin Rigg Money Ring-Fenced)

    Heughan Fund      £   7,002.45 (Civic Pride Grant £4,000)

    Car Care Scheme £       417.44 (Less £150.00 to Mrs McCubbin)

    Cllr Jones reported as follows:

1.       General Account – this is reduced due to payment of the heating being installed and also the removal of the condenser from the side to the rear of the Hall.

2.      Kitchen – at present this refurbishment of about half way through.  Units have been installed and under unit heating is in place.  Also a dishwasher has been fitted.  Tiling and decoration works are still to be carried out.  The Village Hall Improvement Scheme Grant will be used to carry out these and other relevant Hall works.

3.      Hall – when Kitchen works complete, the next stage is to lay a new floor, decorate, and refurbish, possibly blinds. This is to be confirmed.

4.      Ref 7.2 of previous minutes, meeting with Scottish Power re meter change – ongoing.

5.      Reference email sent by Mr B Maxwell re Country Market, funds which are held in the Auchencairn Initiative Account will be transferred to the Auchencairn Community Council Account and this will be used towards refurbishment of the hall as agreed by Country Market Members.  Email to be sent to Mr Maxwell expressing thanks for ACC.  Secretary to attend to this matter.


     Cllr Pounder reported as follows:

a.       Village Bridge – Planning permission has been granted.  Information on Planning website.

b.      Allotments – Notice is in circulation.  Mr Stuart Ditchburn has been in contact with Dalbeattie Allotments representative.

c.       Heughan House – Issue re high electricity bills is ongoing.  Talks with The Energy Saving Trust, Contractors and Suppliers took place.  Suggestion that there is a basic design flaw.  Await reply.  A quote is being obtained for the decking proposal outside the Shop ongoing.

d.      Play Area – Goal Posts still to be moved – still ongoing. 

e.       Auchencairn Mugs continuing to sell.  The Auchencairn Tea Towel with map is now on sale in the Post Office.

f.       Bird Hide – latch to be replaced with a “bar” type – ongoing.

g.      BT cable in Crocket Road - Cllr Pounder to follow this up. PMN – DGC have contacted Chairman and will pursue matter w/c 13 Feb.

h.      Millennium Garden Bridge – “Chicken wire” will be replaced in the near future.

i.        Hugh Paton Path – damage will be rectified in the Spring.

j.        Play Park – damage will be rectified in the Spring.

k.      Auchencairn History Society is setting-up its own website.


  Cllr Jacques reported as follows:

1.     Overview of Funding within the Stewartry Area Committee - Discretionary Budget, Core

Funding apply direct to Stewartry Area Committee.

2.     Winter Resilience – Over view of budget.  Final budget will be agreed by the full Council on Thu 09 Feb 12.

3.     Council Tax – it was agreed that this will be frozen for this year.

4.     Wed 18 Feb 12 – Stewartry Area Committee Meeting.  Items include, report for the Police, Performance Report, Social Work and Application for Funding.

5.     Social Work – Overview of Budget.

6.     Housing Issue – overview re overspend die to sell-off of Council Houses in the past.

7.     Child Welfare – Statistics re Foster and Kinship care.

8.     Hand Salting Machines – ACC secretary has received email from Johnstonebridge CC stating they are having problems with their machine.  As yet, ACC do not know if we have received one for the village.  Apparently it was to be delivered to the school.  Cllr Jacques will investigate and contact ACC. PMN – salt spreader has been delivered to the school who thought it was their’s not the Villages. Chairman will attempt to unravel the setup arrangements.


       Cllr Pounder gave overview as to purpose of this item.  He explained this was not a meeting re building of houses but of land which may be available for housing in the future and that public views were welcome as these would considered for inclusion in the ACC response to the Council.  He stated he wished the ACC response to be positive whether it was agreeing or disagreeing.  It was the Chairman’s view that a village cannot stand still and that  it must progress to survive. The village is fortunate in having a school, a pub, a shop, a Post Office, a village Hall and a garage and they all need the village support to survive  At this point in the proceedings, Cllr Pounder invited comments to be made.  The following was stated by public members:

1.  Council will not listen to individual comments.  This is not the case as anyone can contact the council with comments by email, or by letter to the Planning Department.

2.  Dumfries and Galloway has to build a specific number of houses over the next few years.  This is to satisfy the Government not the village.  See No. 1 below.

3.  Study was carried out years ago by Shelter and this was predicted, therefore this is not new.

4.  It is prime agricultural land that these houses will be built upon.  Why?  Cllr Pounder answered the Council asked for sites years ago and just because land may be available, this does not mean that houses will be built.

5.  This Plan is for over the next 20 years but the decision will be made by end June 2012.  Everyone has the opportunity now to object if they wish to do so. 

6.  Auchencairn is a “proposed” Conservation Area and has been for a good number of years and is still going forward.  There are sites available out-with the proposed areas.  Also, there are still proposed houses which are not yet built. See No. 2 below. 

7.  Housing for Auchencairn is on a pro-rata basis, not on a needs basis. Question raised as to where will the people come from to occupy these houses? 

8. Statistics - 50% of the Balliol Court residents have already changed occupancy. 

9.  Why has housing to be built in Auchencairn?  Why can they not be built in Dumfries? More availability for transport and work. 

10.  Question re capacity of sewage were these proposals to go ahead.  Cllr Pounder stated there is a “method” where the developer pays Scottish Water and this could be an influencing factor.

11.  Site which has already been rejected has been included in the plan. 


1.  Suggestion we look at the village’s needs, not the Council/Government’s.

2.  Suggestion made that Auchencairn be downgraded from a Local Centre to a Village with removal of the large sites.

3.  New housing would mean destruction for the village and many of the people placed here do not even want to come into the village.

4.  Social Housing?  Transport and work is an issue in Auchencairn.

5.  Affordable Housing?  Where are the young families going to come from?

6.  Private Housing?  Where is demand when there is already a good number of houses for sale?

7.  Housing would have a big impact on the village.

8.  Density would be detrimental to the village.

9.  Prime agricultural land.

10.  Negative visual impact.

11.  Would totally change the character and appearance of the village.

12.  One area earmarked for development is susceptible to flooding.  There is also the issue of access.

13.  Is there actually a Housing need in Auchencairn? 

14.  This “Plan” appears to be an “Imposed Change” not a “gradual” one.

15.  This would possibly affect the proposed Conservation area.  

To re-iterate, a “hard copy” of the Development Plan is available in all libraries.  Any comments should be put in writing and addressed to the Council Planning Department.

PLEASE NOTE: comments have to be lodged with the Planning Department prior to 09 March 2012.


11. The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and making their representations. He invited people to send him their inputs by email for possible inclusion and strongly recommended individuals to respond to the LDP with their views using the Council’s website forms.



1.      Planning Applications –– Schoolhouse Extension – No objections.

2.      Email re Local Development Plan – Further Consultation Process.

3.      Email re Review of Speed Limits on local A and B class roads.

4.      Email re Stewartry Convention, old/new secretary for ACC.

5.      Email re Day of the Region 2012.

6.      Email re Cancellation of Training Event on Mon 23 Jan 12.

7.      Email re LDP Consultation Sites – Meeting Mon 20 Feb 12 at Castle Douglas High School at 6.30pm.

8.      Email re Booking of Hall for Election Thu 03 May 12.

9.      Email re Hall Heating, Zumba and Kitchen refurbishment.

10.  Email from, Mr B Maxwell re Donation to ACC Hall Restoration Fund.

11.  Copy of letter from Mr Cockerham re Public Meeting to be held on Tue 07 Feb 12.

12.  Copy of letter of reply to Mr Cockerham.


1.  Hall Usage/Charges:  Cllr Jones to collate usage figures for all users in the past year and also to produce a booking form.  Cllr Pounder to draft letter and also terms & conditions – ongoing.

2.      Balliol Court Housing:  Resident to write to Loreburn and Mr McCrae to draft letter to

Loreburn.  Mr McCrae awaiting power usage details – ongoing.  Mrs R Norris reported other Loreburn Housing Developments are having insulation problems.

3.  Robin Rigg Monies/Future Projects:  Suggestions so far have been:  Community Bus, Solar Panels, Digital piano for the Hall with the possibility of a sound system.  The Annual Business Plan is now being prepared.  If you have any ideas, please contact any of the CC. 

      4.  Cllr Simpson handed out list of Hall Usage for the month of March 2012. 

      5.  A volunteer has come forward who will maintain the village flower beds provided the CC

      purchase the plants.

      6.  Reference 7.5 (funds from Country Market), after discussion, it was agreed that this money

     will be used to install a “Loop System” in the hall.

 7.  There has been a request for more litter bins to be installed in the village.  Cllr Jacques to investigate on our behalf.

      8.  Salt Bin at “Guttery”.  Cllr Jacques to investigate on our behalf.

      9.  It has been brought to our attention that trees/shrubs are entangled in BT cabling opposite the   

      schoolhouse.  This is Council property, not CC but Cllr Pounder will contact the relevant person

      within the Council.

    10.  Cllr Pounder expressed his thanks to Cllr Anderson/Secretary for her work over the past  



       The next meeting will be held in the Murray Hall on Tuesday 06 March 2012 at 7.30 pm.  

There being no other competent business, the meeting closed at 9.40pm.