Parents Council - Minutes of meeting on 2nd May, 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Apologies: Alice Francis, Lana, Share Reilly, Kerry Russell, Shelley.

Present: Pamela Caldow, Catriona Graham, Gail Holland, Imogen Holland, Anne Marshall, Oriel Marshall, Pheobe Marshall, Norma Maxwell, Sue Smith, Sean Whittaker and Naomi Wight.

Matters Arising

1. Spring Fling

Auchencairn Primary School will be holding a Spring Fling within the school on the weekend of 24th and 25th of May. The Spring Fling will run from 11am until 3pm on both days.

It was decided that the school will be in charge of the advertising.  An advert will be placed in the Galloway News on Thursday 22nd May and posters will be put up in Auchencairn, Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie. 

The school children will be in charge of designing these posters and they will also display a large sign on the school wall adjacent to the main road.

The school are also to get in touch with West Sound Radio and one hundred flyers will be made up and given out.  These flyers will also be placed with local artists who are participating in the Spring Fling.

Pheobe Marshall kindly offered to distribute the flyers.

Local Artists

Local artists wishing to use the school to display their work are to liaise with Sean Whittaker; it was decided that these artists would use the dining room to display their work and any overspill would go into the adjoining classroom. 

It is hoped that these artists will donate 10% of any proceeds that they make from their work over the weekend to the school funds.  Any more would be gratefully received!

The School Children

The school children’s art gallery will be in the corridor.

The children will also be making piggy banks that will be for sale at the Spring Fling and they can also be ordered from the school or at the Post Office.

Book Stall

It was decided that a second hand book stall could be set up with any surplus books not sold being donated to Auchencairn Post Office.


Soup, rolls, tea, coffee and home baking will be served throughout the weekend.

Primary One – Three will make up the menu’s for the above. Soup, roll, coffee and a slice will be available for the price of £3.50.

The school will get in touch with Tesco’s, the Co-op, Irvines Bakery and Corsons Bakery to ask for donations of rolls.

Share Reilly is very kindly donating the crockery to be used throughout the weekend.

The soup will be served in the gym hall by adults only and the bowl will be on a plate for easier carriage.

Soup Making

Catriona Graham, Gail Holland and Sue Smith are in charge of making the soup.  Pamela Caldow to supply a large soup pot to aid this process.

Home Baking

Naomi Wight is in charge of co-ordinating the home baking section.

Dr. Berry, Pamela Caldow, Lana, Anne Marshall, Naomi Wight, Pamela’s mother Sandra, Naomi’s mother Tracey and Tracey’s neighbour Mary will supply all the home baking.

It was decided that they would provide a selection of truffles, tray bakes, carrot cakes, sponges, fairy cakes, fruit loafs etc. If any is left at the end of the Spring Fling it could be sold off or given to the children the next day as play snacks.

Naomi and Pamela visited Mary Lloyd to ask for advice on what and how much to bake as Mary has previous experience catering for the Spring Fling.  Mary was more than happy to advise them.

Manning the Spring Fling

Anne Marshall, Norma Maxwell and Sue Smith will be available on the Saturday, with Anne and Sue serving the soup.

Catriona Graham, Gail Holland and Naomi Wight will be available on the Sunday.

Gary Smith will donate the diluting juice to be given to the children over the weekend.

It is hoped that more parents will be willing to help as this is a large function which takes an enormous amount of organisation.  Pamela Caldow is to draft a letter to the parents requesting help.  Mrs. Maxwell has very kindly agreed to photocopy and distribute this letter to the parents via their children.

2. Transport Guidelines

It was asked if there were any transport guidelines in place for schools and parents to be aware of, for example if a parent was asked to transport a disruptive child to an event what guidelines did that parent follow.  Mrs Maxwell replied that this was not an issue at Auchencairn Primary School as all children had to earn the right to go on school trips.  Mrs Maxwell also pointed out that common sense would come into play and two adults would travel in the vehicle, one of these adults being a member of school staff.

The issue of car insurance, booster seats and seat belts was also touched upon.

The Parent Council will provide a list of parents who have Disclosure in Scotland and are willing to take children to school events outwith Auchencairn.

3. Any Other Competent Business

a) A letter sent by Dumfries and Galloway Council to the parent council was shown to all in attendance at the meeting.  It was asking for volunteers who could spare a few days a year to be trained and participate in appeal hearings taking place locally.
b) Gail Holland, our treasurer, told the meeting that a bank account had now been opened up and that it held a fund of £322.09.

4. Date and time of next meeting: This to be called at a date to be determined.