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Walkers greeted by Rev. McKichan

On 12 June a Peace Walk towards a Nuclear Free Future stopped at Auchencairn while en route from Dublin to London.

On 13th May 2007 a disparite group of people from various parts of the world set off on a walk from Dublin to London to highlight awareness of nuclear related issues. Over 60 years have passed since the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This Peace Walk, a drug and alcohol free action, taking place over 86 days will take in nuclear related locations across the country including Chapelcross, Sellafield, Menwith Hill (Leeds) and Aldermaston before meeting up with a major CND rally in London on 6th August and onward protest to Westminster.

On 12th June the group entered our local area and were welcomed by the Commanding Officer at Dundrennan MOD range who gave them authority and assisted safe passage along 4km of roads within the Range on a scheduled live firing day.

They then continued to Dundrennan Abbey ruins where they were greeted by local Minister Revd, Alastair McKichan and press from TV and local newpapers. After refreshments, prayers and being joined by a few people from near Moniave they continued the walk, reaching Auchencairn Church shortly after 4pm.

About to leave Auchencairn Church 12th June 07

Again they stopped for a 10 minutes refreshment break and were looked after by Alastair and wife Lorna. As they set off the skies opened, but the wet didn't seem to dampen their enthusiasm at all and they went merrily on their way in Alastair's company and hopefully with fond memories of our area. After spending the night in the tepee's at Tulliesan (beside Screel Hill) they move on via Dalbeattie on their next objective.

A wet farewell to Auchencairn

Rev. McKichan leads the walk.

Entering Auchencairm Main Street

Further details and updates on their activities can be found on or by calling Marcus on the walk via Telephone 07881 425531.